The following is a list of the volunteer opportunities for the SAHS Senior Class Party.


Work at gambling tables as a dealer or banker, call Bingo, run fun money or work the pull tab station.


Sell raffle tickets to graduates throughout evening and help sort fun money.


This position is less about Security and more about ensuring the Graduates have a safe and FUN night. You will be rotated throughout the party every 45 minutes to 4-5 different stations. At each station you will be asked to protect a doorway to make sure outsiders do not come in and the Graduates don’t leave the party other than through the Main Entrance. There are very few incidents each year and it is more about watching the Graduates have a good time.


Entertainment volunteers have fun! Chat with students and help them prepare for an activity. You will be posted at a particular area such as Velcro wall, karaoke or human foosball, so you'll need to help keep the lines flowing smoothly and the students safe. Also, some activities require you to stamp their punch cards. Instructions and supplies will be all set for you!


Check graduates into the party by checking ID and explain the fun money and other important points of the evening.


1st shift - prep food
2nd and 3rd shift - replenish local eats that have been donated for the evening. Keep tables clean and/or serve treats to graduates.


Hang signs, banners, move tables and chairs to designated areas for the following evenings event.


Arrive as students are down in Auditorium; put back tables and chairs to classrooms. Take down signs and banners and load into rental truck.


Transform school with decorations of balloons, streamers, and other goodies. There is a committee that will guide you through the process.


Help keep graduates belongings and prizes safe during the festivities.